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Volunteers in Nine European Countries Tackle Illegal Trash

Lets Do It World invites you to participate in World CleanUp Day - on September 19th, 2020. World Cleanup Day is the largest single peacetime civic action a

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Clean the whole world in one day. Want to help the global movement? Get in touch to let us know how you can help, ask any questions, or discuss any ideas you may have.

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The campaign and efforts of Let’s Do It India are supported by a number of names in the market, including Skillex, an educational platform that focuses on the timeless skills that make the world work. Skillex based out of Estonia is not only the campaign’s power sponsor but has also been passionately encouraging the purpose and vision of LDII.

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LET DO IT – CLEANUP (ESTONIA): Let’s Do it – Cleanup is a project in Estonia that organized a day to cleanup illegally dumped waste in nature areas throughout the country. GOALS FOR THE NEXT 100 YEARS - NORWAY: Fruit Salad is an energizing method best used when participants are tired or as an ice breaker for a new group.

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Clean the whole world in one day. Statistics (2019): Last year 28038 people participated in World Cleanup Day in Estonia.

Lets Work Together

lets do it estonia
3. maja 2008 se je zgodila akcija pod imenom Lets Do It, Estonia! (Dajmo, Estonija!). Na dan čiščenja je 50.000 prostovoljcev, kar pomeni 4 % prebivalstva, z natančno koordinirano čistilno akcijo odstranilo iz narave 10.000 ton odpadkov iz sicer čudovite narave – v samo petih urah!V običajnih okoliščinah bi država za to potrebovala tri leta in več kot 22 milijonov evrov!

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In an interview with DW, Estonias far-right Interior Minister Mart Helme made disparaging remarks about the LGBT+ community. The Estonian president and the prime minister have both decried Helme

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lets do it estonia
The Let’s Do It movement began in Estonia in 2008, when 50,000 people came together to clean up the entire country in just five hours. Today, the movement has grown into a network of 180 countries which engages millions of people towards the same goal – a clean and waste-free world.

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HANDCRAFTED IN ESTONIA. Let`s do it again! [ ] 347 Comments . 06 Oct. About us. Since 2009 lilleliis company has been designing handmade toys and crochet patterns for moms to make unique toys for their own kids. Our toys are combining Japanese amigurumi technique with teddy bear tradition so popular in Europe.

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Let’s do it! In May 2008, more than 50,000 people gathered for the “Let’s Do It!”, a nationwide initiative to clean Estonia of garbage. 10,000 tons of garbage was gathered in 5 hours. The movement has become international, 158 countries and territories participated in 2018.

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In the forests of South Estonia, two architectural masterpieces let visitors tune in to nature. TV host and journalist Kristine Garklava visits both to achieve pure harmony with the wild. Playground the #EstonianWay. Estonia is known for some pretty crazy sports – from kiiking to sauna marathons – so it may not surprise you that even kids







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