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Web War I: The cyberattack that changed the world

The Bronze Night ( et. Pronksiöö), also known as the April Unrest ( et. Aprillirahutused) and April Events ( et. Aprillisündmused) refer to the riots and controversy surrounding the 2007 relocation of the Bronze Soldier of Tallinn, the Soviet…

A political-semiotic introduction to the Estonian "bronze

Estonias Bronze Night and the Rebordering of Estonian-Russian Relations. co-sponsored by the Kennan Institute. Hosted By. Global Europe Program. The Global Europe Program addresses vital issues affecting Europe’s relations with the rest of the world through scholars-in-residence, seminars, international conferences and publications. These

Reassembling the Event: Estonias ‘Bronze Night’ - Robert

found: Wikipedia, April 13, 2009: "Bronze Night" article (also known as the April Unrest and April Events; refers to two nights of rioting surrounding the April 2007, relocation of the Bronze Soldier of Tallinn, the Soviet World War II memorial in Tallinn, Estonia; the statue as a symbol was a source of contention between Estonian and Russian nationalist feelings)

Bronze Night, Tallinn, Estonia, 2007 - LC Linked Data

estonia bronze night
On April 26–27, 2007 Estonia witnessed its largest civil unrest since the country’s regaining of independence in 1991. The mass riots related to government’s displacement of a memorial (containing a bronze statue) from the centre of Estonia’s capital to a military cemetery a couple of kilometers away came to be referred to as “bronze-night” in Estonian public discourse.

Images of Estonia Bronze Night

A political-semiotic introduction to the Estonian "bronze-night" discourse* Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Language and Politics 12(1) · May 2013 with 72 Reads How we measure reads

Estonias reaction to cyber attacks influenced global

Bronze Night riots make cyber defense a relevant issue. Though Priisalu said that he didnt see Estonias rise as a cyber state as a direct consequence of the events surrounding the relocation of the monument. "Lets say they were a catalyst that helped getting the message across to the public and to politics," Priisalu said.

Estonias Bronze Night and the Rebordering of Estonian

At the end of April 2007, an event unfolded in Tallinn, Estonia, that came to be called the ‘Bronze Night’. Most of the research on this event—and on events in general—uses an after-the-act represe

A political-semiotic introduction to the Estonian "bronze

estonia bronze night
The mass riots related to governments displacement of a memorial (containing a bronze statue) from the centre of Estonias capital to a military cemetery a couple of kilometers away came to be

The 10 Worst Riots in Europe - WorldAtlas

On that April 2007 Bronze Night, as it was later dubbed after the bronze statue of a Red Army soldier, he saw rioters throwing stones at the police and setting stores on fire.

Bronze Soldier of Tallinn - Wikipedia

estonia bronze night
In the early morning of Apr. 28, 2007, the Estonian authorities removed the Bronze Soldier monument from its location on Tõnismägi and disinterred the remains of the Soviet soldiers buried at the site. The days of unrest across the capital and Ida-Viru County have since become known as the Bronze Night riots. Here is a timeline of the events.

The Bronze Soldier Explains Why Estonia Prepares For A

The Kremlin media is threatening a new Bronze soldier night. Last week, several articles appeared in the Kremlin’s media speculating on the possibility of a new Bronze Soldier Night in Estonia. Will the subject bring about a new propaganda attack? 01.09.2020 .

Monument of contention: How the Bronze Soldier was removed

estonia bronze night
The Bronze Soldier (Estonian: Pronkssõdur, Russian: Бронзовый Солдат, Bronzovyj Soldat) is the informal name of a controversial Soviet World War II war memorial in Tallinn, Estonia, built at the site of several war graves, which were relocated to the nearby Tallinn Military Cemetery in 2007.It was originally named "Monument to the Liberators of Tallinn" (Estonian: Tallinna

Videos of Estonia Bronze Night

The oldest bronze object found in Estonia is apparently an arrowhead originating in the southern Urals and unearthed on Muhu Island in the western archipelago. As bronze was a rare import material, stone axes continued to be made and used. Late stone axes indeed constitute the most numerous remains of the Early Estonian Bronze Age.







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